Toad Hall Toys and  The Bookmonger have been in the Town Square of Waterville Valley since the late 1980’s.  We purchased the businesses in 1998, and have been enjoying all aspects of this dual shop since then.  This large shop has something for everyone with a book section covering everything from local writings to popular fiction and a fantastic children’s book section.  We also carry greeting cards, music, and plenty of TOYS, toys for children of all ages. 

There are indoor/ rainy day activities, products for outdoor fun such as snowball makers and sleds in the winter and beach balls and water guns in the summer.  Also, we have an ENTIRE ROOM dedicated to stuffed animals.  We love the high quality and softness of the Gund and Douglas animals, and this room is brimming with cuddly fun. 

For all Curious George fans out there, Waterville Valley was the location of
Margaret and H.A. Rey’s summer cottage.  The cottage still stands in the valley and is full of wonderful activities and in that spirit, we carry books, toys, and, most recently, rain gear for Curious George fans of all ages.

Whether it’s a puzzle or board game, Breyer Horse or Legos, we have it!  We will be featuring our favorite toys on this website.  If there is anything you’re interested in, give us a call or send an email.  We’re happy to fill any orders!